Indian Night Jasmine / The Body Shop

30 Oct

This is absolutely the most perfect night jasmine I have ever smelled: clean, mysterious, simple yet multifaceted. This is a gorgeous floral bouquet of endless beauty; as intoxicating as it is alluring, a conjuring of all the most beautiful flowers in their best evening dress.

Notes are simple: Jasmine on top, followed by sandalwood, orange blossom, and violets to round out the base. Every ingredient plays its part like an ode to the night; the sandalwood is the vital player here -transforming this fragrance into a balsamic blend of spicy oriental goodness. I get vibes of Thierry Mugler’s Alien but this is a much tamer, more sophisticated relative. Whereas Alien is loud and sassy, INJ is timid, mysterious and extremely charismatic; I didn’t know jasmine can be this pretty, silly me!

Overall I feel Indian Night Jasmine would be a perfect rainy day fragrance: the creamy and spicy notes seem to play very well against humidity, which helps to bring out the white florals in this perfume. The only downside to this is the longevity, which only lasts a little over an hour on my skin; sillage is also very poor, making this a great body mist after a night shower.  A great beginner oriental.


Fragrance Notes

Jasmine/ Orange Blossom/ Violet Leaf / Sandalwood

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