Cool Water / Davidoff

27 Sep

Ever since its debut in 1996, Cool Water has been the bestselling aquatic for both men and women looking for a fresh melon, sea water, and ocean breeze fragrance.

I used to wear this all the time in college, but truthfully I started hating it after two weeks. It’s too synthetic for my taste. The instant bloom of melon and currant goes on strong…then fades into a combination of strange artificial fruitiness. This is as much aquifer as watermelon jolly ranchers actually taste watermelon.

I do agree with clean and fresh, but for me it is too sweet…the dry down is very unpleasant and overly soapy, like cheap bug spray.  Overall this is great for  those in love with fresh scents, but judging by the 10 year old bottle still sitting in my drawer…I probably won’t be using it again any time soon.

Top Notes
Pineapple/ Quince/ Black Currant/ Lily/ Melon/ Lemon/ Lotus /Calone

Middle Notes
Honey /Hawthorn/ Jasmine/ Water Lily/ Lily-of-the-Valley /Lotus /Rose

Base Notes
Blackberry/ Violet / sandalwood / Musk /Raspberry /Vanilla /Peach /Vetiver

Lovely / Sarah Jessica Parker

27 Sep

Meet the demure lady in a bottle. She’s graceful, modest, and subtly sensual. This was the first fragrance by Sarah Jessica Parker that I absolutely fell in love with. To me this is the innocuous woman with the world as her oyster; she is meek and delicate but still worldly in her own way.

Frankly I can imagine this as a great fragrance for the unassertive bride; it’s inoffensive and angelic…not something for bold and over-confident women (which is probably why I don’t wear it on my bitchiest days lol).

Upon application there is an instant bloom of lavender and something “pink” which turned out to be orchids and patchouli.  This is not a perfume for the adventurous! It is a safer option for those who want something light for summer and can be versatile enough for either the office or a casual date.

Sillage and longevity is quite low on me, it only lasts for 2 hours max. Overall, a true beauty!

Top Notes
Lavender/ Mandarin Orange/ Bergamot/ Martini

Middle Notes
Patchouli/ Orchid/ Pepper

Base Notes
Musk/ Cedar/ Amber/ Salt

For Her / Narciso Rodriguez

27 Sep

Today I had the pleasure of receiving this little guy from my perfume club, it was a gift from a woman of austerity: my old traveling partner. She owns a collection of possibly over 5,000 fragrances. Sometimes 5 versions of the same bottle (re created over the years). She was the nose of the industry before she became a well known photographer.

I have recently been obsessed with perfumes and wanted something darker and a bit sweet without too much malice. She recommended this little gem, which I absolutely ADORE.

First spray is a strong rum and musk fading out into the amber and vanilla. The dry down is mostly rummy and orange. I absolutely love it.

It is most ironically, light and lovely without being leathery or heavy. Imagine a woman in a white dress standing in the middle of a turkish spice market, wearing vanilla on her wrists and a parasol draped over her shoulders. It’s sensual in a subtle way…like a wink beneath dark and heavy lashes.

Top Notes:
Osmanthus/ Orange / Bergamot

Middle Notes:
Musk / Amber

Base Notes:
Vetiver/ Vanilla / Patchouli

Crystal Noir / Versace

27 Sep

I just received this in the mail last night, and my goodness…if you are looking for the perfect evening perfume, Versace Crystal Noire is it. This was formulated for the sexy femme fatales, for nights out with mysterious lovers and secret escapades. The dry down is AMAZING, top notes smells like powdery coconut, cardamom and pepper which fades into spicy gardenia and sandalwood…the fragrance is reminiscent of Indian milk, very creamy and decadent.

The only problem I’ve had with Crystal Noir is that it isn’t very versatile; I can’t wear this on just any occasion, it requires an audience. It’s lovely but the smell of coconut and pepper can be a bit too strong for my nose–but then I own the EDP, which by the way is super strong. Longevity can last the whole day and into the next morning, with sillage being just as enduring.

This perfume is scent embodiment of panties hanging on the door knob and steamy one night stands. The dry down smells like an autumn night dressed up in lingerie while waiting for the perfect suitor to appear at your door step.

I literally could not wear this fragrance without randomly slipping into day dreams, my husband seemed enticed by it too.  Very toxic in a totally good way 😉

Top Notes
Ginger, Cardamom, Pepper

Middle Notes
Orange Blossom, Peony, Gardenia, Coconut

Base Notes
Sandalwood, Musk, Amber