Chance / Chanel

29 Sep

Chance is young and uninhibited, with its heart on its sleeve. A composition of fresh, floral, and pepper imparts feelings of renewed ambitions and happy spirits.

In terms of a perfume it isn’t anything profound; notes of pineapple, lemon and patchouli gives this a fresh and uplifting quality while the jasmine makes it ultra-feminine. Chance is incredibly versatile- safe for all occasions and surprisingly elegant, a perfect accessory for spring or the beginnings of summer.

I wanted to love it, but ultimately I feel you are paying for the brand more than the actual substance. Chance is heavily reminiscent of the perfume counters at department stores; which could be nostalgic for some but not a memory that that I particularly cherish haha.

Sillage is quite soft on my skin. The EDT doesn’t last as long as the EDP (and much milder in concentration) but that’s okay because this fragrance is meant to be subtle and inoffensively safe. Overall I think I prefer Coco Mademoiselle before this one, with its retail value I feel Chance is a little too familiar and conventional (which isn’t a bad thing), but you can find better alternatives that will rival the simplicity of this fragrance for a more reasonable price tag.


Fragrance Notes

Pink Pepper/ Jasmine/ Patchouli /Vanilla /Musk

Bleu De Chanel / Chanel

27 Sep

Bleu is like a Chanel jacket, it will never go out of style.

I bought this on whim for my husband as a wedding gift, back then I had no idea how popular it was going to become. Now it is the standard date fragrance, almost every man I meet at some fancy party will be wearing this aftershave. However that doesn’t mean it isn’t an incredibly manly and seductive scent ;).
Bleu is not the rugged male, nor is he the white t-shirt and jeans guy; he is the dark and mysterious type…always impeccably dressed, exquisitely charming, and effortlessly sexy. He’s the one with all the right words, with none of the correct intentions. He seduces with his smile, and wounds with his lies…he’s unapologetic and overly confident. He’s the James Bond, the Bruce Wayne of fragrances.

Bleu is not meant for the day time: top notes are labdanum, sandalwood and ginger…creating a very intoxicating cloud of spicy nutmeg that fades out into cedar and lemon…with a lingering hint of smoke and pepper. I think the illusion of mystery is due to the vetiver and smoke…it creates feelings of soulfulness …like a jazz bar with blue light and cigars. In spite of this, Bleu is not a gaudy fragrance, it is elegant and fancy above all else and meant for nights of champagne and gold statues.

Overall another brilliant concoction from Chanel, this is a must have for every suave and effortlessly confident man out there.

Fragrance Notes

Labdanum/ Nutmeg/ Ginger/ Sandalwood/ Patchouli/ Mint/ Jasmine/ Grapefruit/ Lemon/ Vetiver/ Incense/ Cedar/ Pink Pepper

N°5 / Chanel

27 Sep

What if there exists a perfume which encapsulates all of the world’s greatest love stories in to one tiny bottle?

What if there was a fragrance that manages to capture a moment in time so powerful and nostalgic that it evokes memories once forgotten?
That bottle exists and it is called Chanel No 5.

The feelings I get while wearing No5 can only be summoned up in one word: Elegance.  It is more than a fragrance…it is a stepping stone into adulthood…a stark line separating childish ambitions from strong independence.

Like most women who wear No5…their first memories of this perfume came from their mother…dressing up for an evening event…a formal occasion.   Daughters would look at their mothers in awe, a beautiful and gorgeous woman…strong, elegant, and graceful.  My mother would always lean down to tuck me into bed, and I would smell her perfume…it was always Chanel…it is a fragrance that I will remember forever.

Years later I would own every version, my favorite being Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere, which is the classical formula that is lighter, fresher, softer, more delicate, and suitable for every-day use. There are nights where I would spritz this on my wrist and just lay there in bed…allowing the notes to carry me away into an amber world full of prince and princesses, kings and queens.  It is truly magnificent.

The original Chanel No5 goes on strong and smoky (like rich leather and amber) whereas Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere goes on strong and woodsy but immediately fades into a sheer sandalwood with top layers of ylang ylang. If Chanel N05 was the Victorian Age then Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere is definitely the roaring twenties. It is beautiful, elegant, and full of classiness. It reminds me of a young Marilyn Monroe, still innocent and full of wonder.

The dry down for me is mostly vanilla and  jasmine, with hints of sandalwood.

Top Notes
Neroli, Ylang-Ylang, Aldehydes

Middle Notes
Jasmine, Rose

Base Notes
Vetyver, Sandalwood, Vanilla