Silver Mountain Water / Creed

4 Dec

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a Creed perfume, today seems like the perfect day for Silver Mountain Water. This is the first metallic fragrance that has generated a positive reaction from me. It’s cold and minty fresh, like a highland stream; I feel like I am lying next to river surrounded by white mountains, sipping iced tea with my face to the sky.  This is unisex for strong independent women and the fashion conscious men.

Progression is simple, starts off as a strong but invigorating green tea combined with black currant; middle notes emerge as a very refined white musk. The citrus base is neither bitter nor tart, in fact this is a balanced petitgrain and orange; it isn’t screechy, just subtle enough produce a clean herbal accord. Creed has a knack for tea scents; I have yet to find a company that can do herbal notes as well as the ones produced by this company.

SMW does not smell synthetic; it’s wholesome, invigorating, cold, and wonderfully aromatic. It’s neither feminine nor masculine; can be worn for all seasons and versatile enough for any occasion. The heart of this fragrance is white waters and enchanted woods. Notes of petitgrain and sandalwood counters the slight bitterness of galbanum, resulting in a dry down that is reminiscent of oud and green grass.

Silver Mountain Water is undoubtedly one of my favorites of the Creed line, any fragrance that can rustle the imagination is a win for me. SMW feels like a memoir of the snowcapped mountains, a scent of complete contentment free from responsibilities and the boundaries of life.

Top Notes

Middle Notes

Base Notes

Asian Green Tea / Creed ♥ Green Tea / Elizabeth Arden

8 Oct

I’ve been on the search for an authentic “green tea” fragrance for the longest time, so today I went out of my way to acquire this bottle by Creed called Asian Green Tea. On the same note, I also purchased the uniquely popular Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden (for comparison).

First off, I am extremely picky regarding chypre fragrances, the combination of citrus and labdanum on a bed of oak moss has the potential to smell like synthetic floor wipes to my nose. And unfortunately this seems to be the case with GT; there’s something commercial about this fragrance…the citrus and mint are horribly sweetened and smells processed to boot.

This is a frag that I have smelled before; like being inside one of those retail stores such as Origins and The Bodyshop. It’s generally the same: start off fresh, and then settles into something sweet and Lysol-ish.

When I think of green tea I think of oriental tea leaves with a good balance of citrus and mint, it should be refreshing but not aggressive. So this takes me to Creed’s Asian Green Tea, which I LOVE. It is timid in nature, smells soothing, wholesome, and feels full-bodied. I never realized how musk can produce such an unusual accord when combined with tea and orange. The citrus notes felt subdued by the sandalwood and amber, with floral undertones to mask any sourness that might peek through.

Overall evocative of having a cup of tea while surrounded by spring flowers; AGT is clean and fresh without being in your face about it.

Creed perfumes in general are outrageously priced, but their sillage/longevity are amazing.   Personally if you are in the market for a tea fragrance, this one (in my opinion) takes the cake. However, if you’re not keen on Creed then Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea may be a sensible substitute.

Asian Green Tea by Creed

Top Notes
Bergamot /Orange /Lemon /Neroli
Middle Notes
Violet/ Green Tea/ Heliotrope /Rose/ Black Currant
Base Notes
Sandalwood /Musk /Amber

 Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden
Top Notes
Rhubarb /Mint /Orange/ Bergamot /Lemon
Middle Notes
Carnation /Musk /Jasmine /Oakmoss /Amber/ Fennel
Base Notes
Caraway /Amber /Musk /Green Tea /Jasmine /Cloves /Oakmoss /Celery Seeds