Cannibale / Serge Lutens

27 Sep

Memoirs of the human devourer.

There is something unsettling about this fragrance:  the combination of rotting fruit with vintage flowers. It is both gourmand and repulsive; it’s weird, intriguing, but overall not something I’d want to associate with for too long. There are hints of mild spice and incense with a large dollop of myrrh and night orchids.

First spray is generic Tom Ford-esque…something, and then it fades away into a dark cold attic smell. It’s not attractive, it’s just creepy.

This is a great scent for virtuous thieves and noble trespassers, or for those who want to appear like one haha. It’s a malicious scent, for the dark and brooding man.

Never again.


Fragrance Notes
Rose/ Lemon/ Cloves/ Patchouli/ Labdanum/ Amber/ Ambergris/ Frankincense/ Leather / Smoke/ Myrrh/ Tonka Beans