Love by Kilian / Kilian

3 Jan

At $260 a bottle I expected something a little more unique and exceptional; the features of Love are quite peculiar: caramel, sugar and…civet. I would never have guessed “that poor cat” was part of this concoction because the scent smells primarily of synthetic bubble gum and marshmallows. I can definitely see the resemblance to D&G’s Pour Femme but unlike PF, Love is much more intense with a hint of skankiness–probably due to the combination of musk and civet.

The opening is like a rude outburst of caramel and pink sugar, I mean this is really really sweet. The liquid is an amber color that is as intense as its sillage, do NOT spray this on white clothing otherwise you’ll find yourself spending an afternoon scrubbing the stain off your garments.

Love is pretty linear with a few admittedly sensual phases of an animalic sort; the combination of musk and iris smells like powdered skin with civet being low-key, providing only a slight dirtiness to the undertone. I sense few florals as they seem to be the building blocks for the mostly sweet upper layers, a hint of pink pepper in the dry down and nothing more. Despite a mediocre sillage, this fragrance is quite enduring on my skin.

Love is pretty much pink bubble gum and caramel; it isn’t that complex or exceptional and smells incredibly mainstream. I feel one can easily substituted this scent for Pour Femme by Dolce & Gabbana or even Ulric de Varens’ Sublime; overall a decent Kilian creation but lacking in character.

Longevity: 9/10  Sillage: 7/10

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Good Girl Gone Bad / Kilian

13 Oct

This is such a strange fragrance that I find myself at a loss for words. For starters this doesn’t smell like a “bad girl” scent (quite the contrary), it’s boldly abhorrent and awkwardly feminine at the same time. The best way I can explain it is to imagine someone cooking curry while standing next to a large bouquet of roses. I know this smell because I’ve lived in India for a short time and this reminds me of every restaurant in New Delhi that I’ve stepped foot into.

The tuberose note is reminiscent of salted meat and heavy cream, especially the moment when ghee (clarified butter) mixes with pork; it’s gourmand in the most unconventional way. A strange combination that is both attractive and repulsive to me. It’s like stepping into an Indian household after the owner had already prepared dinner and is now spraying air freshener to get rid of the scent.
I pick up a lot of Jasmine and amber on the dry down, the osmanthus is very creamy and clean (smells like lotion) but I can still smell the meat! I don’t know why I am just not a fan of tuberose, the idea of cured pork mixed with white florals and spicy woods is offsetting to my nose. This is an unexpectedly gritty fragrance dressed up in a white dress; it’s definitely unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Frankly I can understand the appeal with this brand and I can respect anyone who loves it, but unfortunately for me the tuberose made this perfume an unforgivable experience.


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Jasmine /Osmanthus / Rose

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Tuberose / Narcissus

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Amber /Cedar