Wuthering Heights

21 May

I had my second photoshoot with Ms Kseniya, who is as lovely and wonderful as her pictures portrayed. We met up in front of City Hall on a very gusty day in San Francisco; the weather forecast was not kidding when it said high winds! It seemed like an impossible day for a photo shoot, but perseverance prevailed! Had such a blast hanging around SF as usual, so many places to see and so many pretty sights to feast your eyes on. We did end up taking a few photos inside City Hall, but due to the high number of weddings happening at that particular hour, we decided to just shoot out front.

A windy day in the city.

Once again we traveled to the gardens and had a session there. The weather was just as awful as the day progressed. But overall I think I walked away with some great shots  =].

At home I was going through the photos and realized that some of my favorite images were terribly under exposed, this is where Camera Raw became my best friend. I was able to increase the exposure quite a bit on Kseniya’s face and hair, while preventing the background from becoming too bright. As you can see, I did some extra work on her skin and eyes, this didn’t take very long as my model already have very good and beautiful skin. I also retouched her makeup, added some highlights to her hair and some shadows around the face. Here is a before and after shot!

The before and after post processing.
The final result.

In the final photo I managed to removed some landmarks in the background, then processed the image through another round of Lightroom where I used the magic brush on her skin to “brighten” it up some more. I think the result looks fantastic!

Overall a fun and wonderful outing with a beautiful and generous stranger, thanks Kseniya!

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