Enchanted April

24 May

Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect them. I got to meet Deepti, a model who is as beautiful inside as she is outside. If you are someone who (like me) believes that true humility is a rare and wonderful attribute, then imagine my excitement when I got to work with this awesome gal. This day turned out to be one of the most fun I have ever had on a shoot, mostly because of Deepti’s graceful humor and also due to the incredibly location! The Municipal Garden in San Jose is in full bloom, and nothing can be prettier than the acres and acres of flowers showcasing its best dress.

The Municipal Gardens when the flowers are in full bloom!

As a photographer you always hope that your model will have great chemistry with the camera– this isn’t always the case of course, but Deepti is a natural! Her attitude is so warm, graceful, elegant, and she is always coming up with great ideas.

Pretty in white.
Life in bloom.

The garden itself was both a blessing and a curse; I have terrible hay fever and regardless of my precautions I was still sneezing incessantly. The pictures came out beautifully, and yes I was so daring that day that I flipped the switch to manual mode and started to shoot! I felt really brave <3 haha.

Her dress matched the flowers perfectly!
People ask me how I did the heart shaped beam on her face, I actually didn’t place it there. It happened simply by luck <3

A little speech about making mistakes, personally I reflect on my blunders with a bit too much self-deprecation. My perfectionist self is always so critical of everything that happens: perhaps I forgot to move a branch that was blocking a model’s arms, or I accidentally included something in the photo that wasn’t supposed to be there, or I didn’t capture the subject’s feet. All very frustrating on hindsight, but all important to know and to learn from; never be afraid of slipping up!

Overall it was not only a productive day, but I also made a friend. I understood the meaning of the word “muse” and I think I can apply it here, I honestly did not expect such great chemistry. We are planning on a second shoot =].

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