Stella / Tocca

30 Oct

This is my first experience with blood orange, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how comforting this is to my senses. Immediate first impressions are of an aquatic nature; there’s definitely a note reminiscent of cool and refreshing waters, immediately followed by orange citrus…the floral notes (lilies and freesia) kick in to prevent this pairing from becoming too sharp/sour. After five minutes the dry down beckons with drifts of sandalwood, oranges and orchid…very clean and fresh. I am not usually a fan of citrus/bright accords but this one is soft enough that it doesn’t appear overly synthetic.

My only issue with Stella is that it is a bit too “safe”; although the makeup is unique, it doesn’t provide much pizazz other than the first 15 minutes of fizzy orange soda goodness.  I feel like there is so much potential here, yet it falls flat much too soon with its most promising aspects fading away too quickly. I felt like Stella could have done well with a bit of vitality to her, perhaps more potency…it feels watered down, special qualities withering away like forgotten memories. Longevity is almost non-existent, departing almost as fast as it arrived. Sillage is very soft, no projection for such a unique personality.

Overall a pleasant fragrance, but its charm is much too fleeting to be fully appreciated.


Top Notes

Blood Orange  /Bitter Orange / Watery Notes

Middle Notes

Freesia/ Lily / Orchid

Base Notes

Sandalwood / Musk

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