Hanae / Hanae Mori

13 Dec

Hanae is ambitious, girly, and inoffensive; nothing groundbreaking or original but simply sweet and pretty. This is a typical fruity scent done in a Bath & Body Works fashion, it literally smells like something I could buy for much cheaper at a drugstore but regardless, I find it rather whimsical.

I went from disliking gourmand fragrances to being quite neutral about it–to enjoying it immensely. The truth is I didn’t grow up in a baker’s household so the smell of cookies and candy won’t necessarily provoke the strong feelings I often associate as nostalgia. But I do find comfort in warmth, and Hanae tends to conjure a sense of affection and coziness which I accredit completely to the toffee and vanilla mix.

The main ingredients are a buttery accord consisting of toffee, strawberries, and vanilla. These are the top notes and they remain rather consistent on the dry down as well, I barely sense any apple and if there were it would be buried underneath the many layers of candy and sugar. I am relieved to find very subtle patchouli notes and the addition of black currant makes for a very “jam-my” dry down. Sillage is pretty low even after a rigorous application; longevity is decent (3-4 hours).

Hanae is typically linear and has zero complexity; it’s a standard fragrance for younger individuals, or for someone unfamiliar with perfumes. It’s also great if you were in the market for a basic scent that can be worn daily and has a zero chance of offending someone.

Top Notes

Middle Notes

Base Notes

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