Very Sexy Now 2016 vs 2014 / Victoria’s Secret

3 Jan

Very Sexy Now 2016 smells so cozy, like warm island sands under a hot tropical sun. This is a gorgeous and subtle coconut scent that reminds me of the beautiful coasts of Hawaii. 2016’s opening is a bit heavy on the alcohol but it dissipates within seconds to be replaced by an inviting scent of white sands and salty sea air. A very unique fragrance that is decadent like buttered popcorn, and just like buttered popcorn the fragrance can be a bit too “rich” and cloying if over sprayed. The dry down has hints of lotus which gives VSN a very aquatic and fresh undertone; this perfume has the spirit of a hot California summer with sandals in one hand and a bottle of suntan lotion in the other.


Very Sexy Now 2014 is a beautiful golden coconut fragrance crowned with garlands of fresh Gardenias. This version is a bit more floral than its older sister (Very Sexy Now 2016) and not as beach-y, however she’s still a warm tropical scent that is versatile year-round and for all occasions.

VSN starts off much like the 2016 version sans lotus and hot sand. Instead you are enveloped with fresh florals and a hint of quince; this brightens into a warm coconut accord that underlies a bouquet of orchids and gardenia. This is actually my favorite gardenia note in a perfume: white, dewy, and very island fresh. I think VSN’s coconut is the perfect background to its flowers center stage, it’s not synthetic nor overwhelming like most coconut fragrances, this one is done just right with a very subtle amount to give character.

Overall both perfumes are well done, they are weak in performance and the longevity is not great (even the EDP is skin soft) but I think these fragrances work so well because they aren’t heavy hitters, the coconut and sands would become too synthetic and messy otherwise.

If I would have to pick between the two I would certainly choose VSN 2014; it’s white florals, beach, and suntan lotion all in one bottle. It’s never cloying despite my obsessive spraying, can be worn day or night and is perfect whether you are having lunch with girlfriends or lazing around the house. In my opinion these are great fragrances by Victoria’s Secret, and both should be considered if you’re longing for the essence of summer.

Longevity: 6/10  Sillage: 6/10

Fragrance Notes for Very Sexy Now 2016:

Fragrance Notes for Very Sexy Now 2014:

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