Tresor Midnight Rose / Lancome

27 Sep

The bottle that launched my obsession with perfumes.

If my marriage was a fragrance it would be Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome, a gorgeous blend of Raspberry, vanilla, and cedar woods.

It was love at first scent; Tresor is darkly seductive yet still manages to maintain its femininity and innocence. This is a passionate and secretive rose; strong and unbroken.

Imagine a secret garden with dark purple roses blossoming into the night; it is fresh…spicy…and intoxicating. Yet something beyond the trees stirs like a lingering beast. It’s bewitching.

The dry down is like a pile of dead flowers; the sillage is quite strong…and long lasting. This will forever be my signature scent, it reminds me so much of my husband: Mysterious, complex, lovely.

would be considered privilege enough.

Longevity: 8.5/10  Sillage: 8/10

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