Euphoria / Calvin Klein

28 Sep

Euphoria is one of Calvin Klein’s bestselling perfumes, and the reasons are in the notes: pomegranate, black orchid, and violet combine to create an intensely confident and beautiful fragrance that is indeed “euphoric”.

Euphoria manages to do for me what “La Vie Est Belle” by Lancome could not: give me a sense of happiness and intimacy on days where I may not be feeling quite so wonderful and self-assured. It’s also perfect for a few spritzes before bed, you get a sense of floating into sleep instead of just “falling” into it…I believe this is due to the orchid and woodsy notes…which is very soothing.

I agree with others that there is a slight masculine feeling to this perfume (perhaps why I felt so comforted by it?), but it isn’t obvious in any way. First impressions are of heavy pomegranate, followed by orchids but then it dries down to reveal the mahogany underneath…with more violets and the orchids more apparent. I sort of wished there would be more of the brown scent but that might have pushed it too far into the masculine side, overall I feel this is a much better alternative to La Vie Est Belle (they are indeed similar) if you find that fragrance just doesn’t suit you.

Sillage and longevity on me are both moderate.

Top Notes
Middle Notes
Lotus/ Orchid
Base Notes
Violet/ Amber/ Musk/ Mahogany

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