Dark Obsession / Calvin Klein

7 Oct

It is a generally a rare circumstance when I encounter a fragrance that works so well with my skin chemistry and expresses so clearly all my peculiarities and confidences that when I do accidentally fall in love…I knew it had to be fate.

Due to the finicky nature of perfumes (scent association, environmental conditions, the individual’s own physical makeup), I strongly believe that it is the fragrance that picks the wearer not the other way around. How a scent behaves and the exhilarating feeling that follows is completely up to the ingredients and whether or not it will complement your body.

Some brands will play on my skin like a perfect orchestra, whereas others just sit there stubborn and unwilling.

A perfect example was when I first tried on Dark Obsession by Calvin Klein; this fragrance is just so darn good that I felt I have found the perfect scent for my fall collection. There is just so much going on here: a thick accord of espresso, chocolate, soft leather, and smoke.  This is a walk through dark mysterious woods with your jacket collar propped up against your ears, you see a tiny little house and enter it…a whiff of dark coffee, spices and tobacco assaults your senses…suddenly you are at home, safe…warm, comforting.

I sense so much of Tom Ford’s Tobacco & Vanille in this blend, the guarana and vanilla are so expertly synchronized that the appearance of suede and balsam firs appeared natural and expected. There is nothing here offensive or uninviting.

Overall a masterpiece in my mind; but like I have stated, this perfume is not for everyone. Hubby has tried on Dark Obsession and to my nose he does not project the same harmonious results that I fell in love with. The smell was off by a hair; that velvety blend got lost in a cocktail of scent fragments that never seemed to fit in anywhere; in fact some people find that there are no chocolates or coffee in this perfume at all.  I was disappointed but also relieved; I guess this will be my personal fragrance after all. =]

For the price and quality, I would recommend this one over Tobbaco & Vanille. It would be an adventure in gourmand heaven, and an unforgettable experience.


Top Notes
Mandarin/ Guarana/ Wormwood
Middle Notes
Clary Sage /Fir /Vetiver
Base Notes
Labdanum /Vanilla /Suede

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