Boudoir / Vivienne Westwood

12 Oct

Thanks to a very dear friend of mine I was able to test out this much sought after fragrance by Vivienne Westwood.  This is Boudoir, an homage to the classy woman’s sacred space- very intimate and private just like the lady herself.

Based on reviews I wasn’t expecting much, however on first spritz I was pleasantly surprised. I immediately sensed aldehydes and lots of it; there’s a waxy creamy scent that reminds me of vintage fragrances like the original Chanel No5 and Passion by Elizabeth Taylor.  I’m very surprised that there is no musk here- the dry down has a particular starkness that could be attributed to the patchouli and tobacco leaf. I also do not sense any “rose” or “hyacinth”, only wafts of carnation and sandalwood which blends beautifully with the cardamom!

I will go out on a limb and say this is almost medicinal in texture, it’s “heavy” and overwhelming- but not obnoxious. I feel something a little maternal about this perfume, and I am not a fan of that. It doesn’t feel “sexy” to me, personally I get a little bored waiting for Boudoir to moonlight into something else a little more exciting or even mysterious. In its current state there’s no “stimulation” of the senses, no touch of sensuality or intrigue. Just a lady’s chamber with too much old make up and the stench of sweaty bodies; it really does smell like a bedroom after sex which makes this fragrance an interesting one to add to your collection. Boudoir is a great experience for me, I feel strangely self-aware when I have it on- like suddenly I am more intimate with myself in a purely philosophical way. Definitely one of a kind, but not something I would go out of my way to re-purchase.

Top Notes

Aldehydes /Orange Blossom/ Marigold/ Hiacynth /Bergamot

Middle Notes

Coriander/ Carnation /Orris Root/ Jasmine/ Rose /Cardamom /Narcissus

Base Notes

Sandalwood /Patchouli /Cinnamon /Vanilla /Tobacco Leaf

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