Womanity / Thierry Mugler

15 Oct

Womanity is one of those perfumes that you’ve never smelled before, and will probably never experience again. It’s comprised of two primary notes: Fig and caviar; and trust me friends the caviar is STRONG in this composition.

Together they are a perfect harmony of fruity, salty, and green. Frankly I am not a fan of opposing forces battling it out on my skin, but this is exactly what it sounds like…sweet and salty beach air. It reminds me of a long day surfing on a tropical island, with the sand in my hair and sea salt on my lips.   To me the fig and caviar becomes a bit too cloying after a few hours, it makes me nauseous and I only spritzed once on my wrist! I can’t imagine if someone were to layer this thing, they would smell like fish for the entirety of the day!

Womanity dries down to a weaker version of its former self, but it’s still strong enough that you will get an occasional whiff of it throughout the day. Unfortunately being Asian I can’t help but associate the caviar undertone with fish sauce (which bothers the hell out of me), I eat fish sauce almost every day but I certainly wouldn’t want to wear it!

Another observation is that this really does smell like the ocean in real life, not the aquatic version that’s been commercialized to death but the ACTUAL smell of the waves and tumultuous seas. I might even dare say that it’s also a little metallic, like those giant iron bolts or anchors attached to the side of the pier…rusted and tarnished from years of wind corrosion.
Honestly if you wanted to decant a day at the beach, this would be a great way to remember it. But frankly I associate those fond memories with suntan lotion and body creams not salted fish, this perfume is a unique experience but not something I would want to wear on a regular basis.


Fragrance Notes
Fig /Caviar /Fig Tree /Fig Leaf

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