Brasil Dream / Estée Lauder

6 Aug

I was intrigued by this perfume’s tropical allure: guava, coconut, jasmine, and pineapple…an island paradise cocktail! Unfortunately the dream was short lived as there was just too much of a nuclear reaction going on with my skin; I love Estee Lauder but there is a reason why Brasil Dream was never as popular as its cousins: Bali Dream and Pleasures Exotic.

The notes don’t have that harmonizing effect that the other fragrances have, in fact it seems like everything was clashing in some kind of chemical soup, everything smelled like over-ripened fruit under an intense sun. The guava, pineapple and oranges were too synthetic and harsh. It’s so artificial smelling that I often question if it is safe to wear and inhale.

For me the coconut and gardenia took center stage, this is a very warm and friendly coconut…not creamy or too intense, just perfect. The patch is not too intrusive either; I don’t get sandalwood at all.

Fast forward about 2 hours and the chemical smell is gone, replaced by that over-ripened fruit/skittles smell and Brasil Dream get a little more tolerable (but not by much). Ironically I had the thought that this would be more fitting if the perfume was called “Exotic Mosquito Repellent”, it is just way too artificial to my nose. Good idea, bad execution.

Longevity: 3/10  Sillage: 3/10

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