24 May

One of the things you will hear about constantly in regards to photography  is the dreaded concept of a “failed shoot”, and nothing prepares you for it quite like having one yourself (it REALLY sucks incredibly most definitely!)

What exactly constitutes to a failed session? It is subjective of course, but you will know it when it happens to you. For me it took place on a cloudy day in San Francisco, ironically this shoot was supposed to be the one that I was most amped up about. But alas due to some bad decisions (on my part), and some terrible planning…it just didn’t go the way I had intended. The biggest disappointment that came out of this session was the sense that I inconvenienced someone else; my model loved her photos but I knew that I could have possibly done better if I had arranged the shoot with more tact.

To start off, the weather was awful and unforgiving. Wind speeds of at least 20 mph and terribly chilly even with a heavy jacket; we ended up not actually going to the location that was planned due to the amount of people that were present in the park. We also did not have a chance for any wardrobe changes since the model was under a time restraint. So I had to shoot on location and even though the photos were quite awful…thanks to Photoshop (thank goodness for the power of post processing), I was able to salvage a few decent shots.

My model was Erica and she was effortlessly beautiful, there is no doubt in my mind that she will be a successful model if she continued down this path. I am so grateful for her kindness and empathy! I do hope to make it up to her in the future by redoing the shoot and to compromise for my lack of professionalism. Either way here are the photos from the shoot with one before post processing and one after.

The before
After post processing.
Sitting pretty =]

It took me several days to get over my disappointment but after a few trips to the ice cream store and a long hug from my husband, I was positive again and determined not to make such stupid mistakes in the future. I am ready for whatever the future will bring, never give up!