Velvet Orchid / Tom Ford

28 Sep

I tried to love Velvet Orchid, I really did…in fact I go back and forth with decanters of this fragrance in order to understand its massive popularity, but no matter what I can’t appreciate its rebellious nature.  Tom Ford perfumes are finicky in my opinion; you will either love it or you will hate it. I don’t feel Velvet Orchid in particular is a “people pleaser” scent; it’s more of a personal preference thing. It’s too defiant and unruly for my taste; too dark and disloyal …which isn’t my personality at all.

First impressions are of a smoky tobacco with rum and something extremely unpleasant. Which I later found out was suede, for some reason my nose only picks up the suede and that turned me off immensely.  I also sense no hits of orchid…it’s just leather and smoke combined to give a very awful burning smell.

Velvet Orchid is an olfactory power house for me, but it is also obnoxiously loud, which is why I cannot love it. If you are interested in bold and nonconformist scents, this one takes the cake. If you are a sweets and florals person with very little desire for something adventurous, I would steer clear of this wild flower.


Top Notes
Bergamot/ Mandarin Orange/ Rum/ Honey
Middle Notes
Jasmine/ Rose/ Orchid/ Orange Blossom /Magnolia /Hyacinth /Narcissus /Heliotrope
Base Notes
Balsam/ Labdanum /Sandalwood /Myrrh/ Suede /Vanilla

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