Café Rose / Tom Ford

29 Sep

Oh my, this perfume is a coffee lover’s paradise! I‘m not usually into gourmand scents (Thierry Mugler’s Angel for example), but today I surrendered my inhibitions to this gorgeous love potion called Café Rose. For me this fragrance captures the true essence of an Italian coffee bar along the canals of Venice. First impressions are of a rich Mediterranean espresso, combined with luxurious rose…then drying down into a powdery coco.

The combination of elegant floral with grounded coffee beans does for me what chocolate and strawberries could not; it made me feel cozy, comforted, happy, and adventurous. I’m not sure how Tom Ford does it, but there is a feeling of European coffee shops during the fall, with sparkling lights, cobblestone streets and fresh roses blossoming into the night.

Overall a delicious concoction in an innocuous little bottle.


Top Notes
Coffee/ Pepper /Rose
Middle Notes
Base Notes
Amber/ Sandalwood /Patchouli

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