Lady Million / Paco Rabanne

2 Dec

No offense to anyone who loves the perfume but this is an overpriced fragrance for a rather mediocre scent. I’m not suggesting that Lady Million smells awful—quite the contrary–but if you had told me this was a gas station original I would have agreed. Nonetheless this would be excellent if paired with a leather jacket and a gold sequined dress; but other than a swift kiss and a few empty promises, it’s a rather forgettable experience.

Honey and raspberry are one of my favorite combinations and this duo becomes the primary players of Lady Million; there’s a hint of jasmine and other white florals simmering below the surface along with warm amber and patchouli. This fragrance really does smell like something gold; it’s bright and optimistic yet a little linear. Nothing develops over time; you’re pretty much stuck with what you’ve got.

LM doesn’t smell sexy to me, it seems preppy and “dressed up”; like a good girl trying to be bad but really just doing it out of peer pressure. On the bright side, LM has great sillage and longevity; a few spritzes will probably last for an entire day.
Overall I’m not completely disappointed with this perfume; it just ends up in the back of my cabinet lost amongst other superior fragrances, spinning about woefully on its side–desperate for an opportunity to redeem itself. Luckily this gem is rather popular and if you find yourself not feeling like a million bucks, you can always swap it away.

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