Gold Sugar / Aquolina

2 Dec

This starts off as a chemically induced orange that became a little too cloying for me. I am a fan of the original Pink Sugar and although that one is also synthetic, it was heavily obscured by the caramel and vanilla. Gold Sugar is a victim to what is usually common amongst cheap citrus based fragrances; it smells a little like Lysol.

The effect is not immediately noticeable; in fact I had to really look for it (I’m so picky!). Gold sugar is still a decent fragrance, and for the price this is worth a second glance.

I bought this flanker based on the notes; I mean crème brulee is my favorite dessert so how could I pass? GS smells like delicious cream and egg tart, the coconut sets a tropical tone that feels a little beachy.  The main components are pretty simple; it’s basically custard, cream, and coconut with a tart base. It’s linear and can become a little boring.

I don’t dislike Gold Sugar, it’s just generic gourmand. If you’re interested in something basic and nice, I think this fragrance might temporarily fulfill your cravings.

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