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3 Dec

This perfume is gorgeous! I’ve been searching for a body lotion scent for ages and I think I might have found it. Simply Belle smells heavenly without being too sharp on my skin; this is reminiscent of warm ivory soap and powdery cream. I was surprised to find this little gem in an innocuous tester that came with one of my purchases. This is a love for me, I wear this after every shower and I feel instantly happy. It’s always the little things =].
SB starts off very green with a burst of violet leaf and lily-of-the-valley, within seconds it is phased out by fresh peaches and white jasmine. The water lily notes combined with warm benzoin vanilla are so creamy and delicious; I have never smelled a cleaner and more indulgent vanilla, I love it.  Heliotrope softly accents a very mild citrus, and the musk is concocted so wonderfully. Combined it smells like clean soapy skin that’s been deeply moisturized and swathed with the most decadent of body creams.

Unfortunately, the bad news sets in within half an hour. SB is terrible on longevity; I get that it’s supposed to be a “skin scent” but this is awfully stingy for such a beautiful fragrance!

Overall an ideal Dove soap imitation; I also want to add that this smells incredibly close to Glow by JLO minus the hideous screech of synthetic roses that plague the opening of that fragrance. Minus the endurance, Simply Belle is fairly sweet and wholesome; it’s a great soapy alternative for those in search of the perfect clean scent.

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